The “Ghost Inside” My Child

Good Morning!  Many of you may have discovered the new series on the Bio channel entitled, “The Ghost Inside My Child,”  The content of this series is wonderful, the music and the title, not so much.  The show has a creepy undertone, like that of a ghost hunting show.  This could potentially lead those who are not believers in reincarnation to think that reincarnation is something that occurs to a select few.   This, of course, is not the case.

The children recall very vivid memories from their most recent lives.  Almost as if they believe they are still the other person.  They are somewhat confused, and are having a bit more difficulty adjusting to their new lives than most children.  I definitely recommend watching the show, or viewing the web casts of episodes already aired.  They can be viewed here.

Most children who have intense memories of prior lives, passed previously in a tragic manor.  When one dies peacefully, of old age, or an illness,  they have time to process dying.   They do not struggle with the memories as much during their next incarnation.

Each child featured on “The Ghost Inside My Child,” speaks of dying tragically.  When a parent is not prepared for these comments, they may brush them off as something induced by television, movies, etc.  That is just not so.  It is extremely important that  parents nurture a child through these feelings and memories.  The child needs to process their death, so that they do not carry  unnecessary “baggage” with them into adulthood.  The baggage can manifest as anxiety, depression, or even physical illness.  I am going to be daring when saying this, but I am convinced that all phobias  a person has without having a logical reason to be afraid, are carried over from previous deaths.

As a child, I was never given the opportunity to process my past life trauma.  Because of this, I am currently working through grief that I could have recovered from decades ago.   If only my parents had paid closer attention.  If only I was raised in a stable, loving environment where I would have had the opportunity to heal, and grow.

I grew up feeling like I needed to worry about my parents, and that’s when I took on the roll of survivor.  I just wanted to get through each day.  I constantly worried that something could go wrong.  These feelings were intensified by the overwhelming Christian religion I was brought up in.   It did nothing for me but induce more fear.  I was lonely, scared, and stuck in survival mode.

My most recent past life, at least that I’ve seen, felt and feared, was during WWII.  I was an American, drafted soldier, (male).  Throughout my entire, present incarnation I have struggled with irrational fears of planes, (especially that they would crash into my home), atomic war, and guns.  I hated flying.  If I knew I had to fly somewhere, for months prior to the flight I would agonize over it.  I would research plane crashes.  I just knew that this would be my last day on earth, when stepping on to that plane.  Nothing could shake the fear.  When I arrived at my destination, I would have a difficult time enjoying the trip because I’d begin to agonize over the flight home.  Not only that, but almost every night I would dream of planes crashing right in front of me.

Luckily, the plane crash dreams have subsided, since my regression in August 2012.  I sought out past life regression because I was feeling somewhat incapacitated by the plane crash fear, (especially since I moved by a small plane airport), and a fear of my son dying.  My son was 2 at the time, and completely healthy.  There was never a reason for me to fear losing him.  I did discover in my regression that I lived a life in the late 1800s, where my world crashed in front of me due to the loss of my son, who died in his late teens or early 20s, of tuberculosis.  I, in turn, basically committed suicide to be with my son.

I have been regressed since last August, and returned to the 1800s lifetime.  These two life times have had the most influence on the life I am living today. *  For now, I have no plans to return for a regression, simply because I feel as if these are the lifetimes I need to work through now.  I doubt I’d be able to regress to a different lifetime, at this time.

My son has shared two lifetimes with me since his language has developed.  The first lifetime was triggered by a photo of a fireplace.  He told me that he died in a fire, in so many words.  He explained the effects on his ears and his back.  He also said “windows crashing.”  He mentioned the fire a few times, and once at dinner said, “I miss my Mommy.”  My husband replied, “you miss her? she’s right here.”  shockingly, he stammered, “I miss my Mommy from the fire.”  We were both in awe.  I, of course was amazed, but not surprised.  Soon he was done speaking of the fire death, it was as if he had healed from the trauma.

He went on to a new death, one that I knew about.  He began to remember the death of my step father.  He spoke not in the first person, but knew more about his suicide, than I did.  He has a tremendous fear of “policemen coming.”  He told me that in his last life, “he died by shooting himself in the face.”  Statements like this, can be incredibly overwhelming for parents who are not educated about reincarnation.  Even for those who are educated about it.  It’s sad to hear your baby speak in such a way.  It is important to acknowledge their statements, feelings, and memories.  To comfort them, and tell them that everything is ok, because they are safe with you now.  When my son brings up this death, I tell him that accidents happen, and I’m so grateful that he came to be with us as our little boy.

He is confused by this life, he seems unattached to it.  Some children are so attached to their past lives, that they have trouble moving on.  My son, on the other hand, seems to be ashamed of this past life, and has trouble processing it for that reason.  Who wouldn’t be ashamed of dying in such a way?  Although, it is important to remember, that most deaths are planned by the dyer, and he is learning, and growing through each experience, as well as well as everyone else around him.

I did, of course go on a tangent here.  My main goal is to share my own growth through my belief in reincarnation, in hopes that others who are interested, will feel more comfortable embracing their tentative belief in past lives.  I have grown so much through it.  I hope you will also.

Don’t forget to check out The “Ghost Inside” My Child, Monday nights on Bio at 10PM.

*In comparison to previous lifetimes I’ve lived


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